Whether or not consumed on behalf of nostalgia or to fend off stress, consolation meals can present, effectively, some much-needed consolation in occasions of hassle. However whereas efficient in tamping down our troubles (even when it is only for a second), consolation meals will be harmful to our well being in the long term.

Consolation meals are notoriously excessive in energy, are fatty and sugary, and are sometimes utterly devoid of any nutritionally redeeming qualities. Whereas that is the underlying present of most consolation meals dishes, there are literally some which can be extra more likely to trigger weight achieve than others—particularly when eaten repeatedly and in giant parts, says registered dietitian Sylvia Melendez-Klinger, MS, RDN.

Earlier than we get into the worst of the worst consolation meals for weight reduction, it is price mentioning that you do not have to utterly swear off these soothing meals if you’re trying to drop a few pounds.

“Consolation meals are what they’re — they meet some kind of ‘felt want’ we have now in the course of the second. Whereas I do not advocate binging or ‘consuming your emotions’ by consuming sleeves of cookies or pints of ice cream, having small parts of those typical consolation meals may help ‘scratch that itch’ if you end up actively managing your weight,” says registered dietitian Stacey Krawczyk, MS, RD of Foodwell Methods.

“After we deprive ourselves of issues we want, usually they turn out to be much more of an obsession and will trigger us to over-consume them sooner or later,” says Krawczyk.

So fairly than ditch consolation meals utterly, “my recommendation is to devour the extra indulgent consolation meals not often and in small parts (however not say no to them utterly!),” says Melendez-Klinger.

With that in thoughts, you will need to decrease your consumption of the next consolation meals to a naked minimal to drop a few pounds. Learn on, and for extra on tips on how to eat wholesome, do not miss 7 Healthiest Meals to Eat Proper Now.



“One of many worst consolation meals for weight reduction is a excessive carb meal like pasta. A excessive consumption of carbs can mess together with your blood sugar, inflicting you to really feel hungry quickly after consuming and doubtlessly resulting in the elevated probability of giving into cravings,” says Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist for Dash Kitchen.

“One of many worst offenders is fettuccine alfredo,” provides Clair. “Usually, this dish is extraordinarily excessive in energy and would not provide any satiating protein.”

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Processed pastries

“Among the most damaging consolation meals embody pre-packaged and processed pastries. These might remind us of easier occasions in life, however their adverse well being results aren’t definitely worth the nostalgia,” says Trista Finest, MPH, RD, LD, a Registered Dietitian at Stability One Dietary supplements.

“These meals are loaded with fats and sugar, and they are often doing extra injury than good in the long run. Most instantly, we see a rise in irritation and gastrointestinal points. These solely trigger higher stress as our bodily well being turns into compromised together with our psychological well being,” provides Finest. For extra, try 13 Meals That Trigger Digestive Issues.



“Consolation meals dishes which have the best chance of stifling weight reduction or inflicting weight achieve are ones which can be highest in sugar, like ice cream and different desserts (cookies, truffles, muffins),” says Kylie Ivanir, MS, RD, a registered dietitian at Inside Vitamin.

Ivanir explains that high-sugar consolation meals are the worst for weight reduction for 2 causes.

For starters, “sugars are rapidly damaged down in your physique and trigger a spike in blood sugar ranges. These spikes set off a vicious ‘spike, crash, crave’ cycle that may result in the next caloric consumption.” One more reason that top sugar consolation meals stifle weight reduction is that “blood sugar spikes trigger irritation and insulin resistance.”

As a substitute, Ivanir recommends selecting consolation meals which can be greater in protein and fat than sugars. “Positive, they’re nonetheless excessive in energy, however at the very least it is energy that can maintain you fuller for longer, cease cravings, and curb your urge for food so that you needn’t maintain reaching for extra,” she provides. See: 10 Ideas for Wholesome Consolation Meals.


Ice cream

“Ice cream is likely one of the worst consolation meals for weight reduction. Not solely is it detrimental as a result of it’s excessive in sugar and causes a severe ‘spike crash crave cycle’ but it surely additionally could be very straightforward to overeat. Most individuals aren’t conscious of how a lot ice cream they eat in a single sitting,” says Ivanir.

Anam Umair, PhD, RD, who has a doctorate in therapeutic weight-reduction plan and vitamin and is a Registered Dietitian at Marham agrees with Ivanir. “The worst consolation meals is a bathtub of ice cream—sure, a full tub, since you are unlikely to take a chew or two and depart the remaining,” she says. “Ice cream is addicting and there’s no going again as soon as you are taking a chew. Ice cream is loaded with sugars, which might trigger weight problems, hormonal imbalance, and insulin resistance. Ice cream additionally accommodates dairy and plenty of will be allergic and illiberal to it,” Dr. Umair provides.


Bagged snacks

Among the many worst consolation meals for weight reduction are “any snack that is available in a bag like chips and pretzels,” says Jamie Hickey, NASM, FMS, a licensed coach, ISSA licensed nutritionist, and founding father of Truism Health.

“It is not essentially attributable to how unhealthy the precise meals is for you however how individuals will sit down with your entire bag and eat half or generally the entire bag! I’ve had purchasers inform me they name it a ‘snaccident,'” shares Hickey. “The quantity of energy, fats, and salt you possibly can ingest consuming half a bag of chips or pretzels will derail any weight-reduction plan for days to return.” To help your weight reduction efforts fairly than derail them, take into consideration ditching these Unhealthiest Potato Chips on the Planet.