Greens are thought-about a cornerstone of a low-carb eating regimen, however some are higher selections than others. Figuring out the variety of carbs in carrots, cauliflower, and different veggies will make low-carb meal planning a lot simpler.

General, select greens which can be much less candy and starchy. While you do have higher-carb greens, be aware of portion measurement and the variety of carbs. As an example, a half-cup serving of cooked starchy greens normally accommodates about 15 grams of carbohydrates. However a half-cup serving of low-carb, non-starchy greens averages nets round 5 grams when cooked.

Greens are broadly categorised as leafy, stemmed, seeded, or root, and carb rely will differ in accordance with sort. Carb counts additionally differ relying on whether or not you eat your veggies uncooked or cooked.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens have the fewest carbohydrates and the bottom impression on blood sugar. The carbs they do have are principally fiber, which digests slowly and retains you feeling full for longer. Darkish leafy greens are additionally wealthy in vitamin Ok, phytonutrients, and minerals.

Whereas greens are the plain selection for salads, they’re additionally nice additions to smoothies, omelets, and wraps. You’ll be able to even substitute a slice of bread or roll with a leaf of lettuce to create a low-carb sandwich or burger.

Leafy Greens Carbs Per Serving*
Alfalfa sprouts 0.7 grams
Bok choy 1.5 grams
Collard greens 2 grams
Kale 1.4 grams
Lettuce, inexperienced leaf 1 gram
Mustard greens 2.6 grams
Spinach 1 gram
Swiss chard 1.4 grams
*Per cup, uncooked. Carb rely will increase when cooked.

Uncooked vs. Cooked

Remember that resulting from water loss, the carb rely of cooked greens goes to be totally different from uncooked greens. As an example, 1 cup of uncooked spinach has 1 gram of carbohydrate. When cooked, a half-cup serving of spinach has 3.8 grams of carbs. That is as a result of it takes a few half a pound of uncooked spinach to yield a half-cup of cooked spinach. Equally, a half-cup serving of cooked Swiss chard has about 3.6 grams of carbs in comparison with 1.4 grams per cup when raw.

Stem Greens

Whilst you cannot eat the stem on simply any plant, some greens have extra edible bits than others. In reality, some are completely edible. Though many greens have a considerable quantity of stem tissue, the time period “stem greens” solely refers to above-ground stem greens. Whereas these veggies have barely extra carbohydrates per serving than leafy greens, they’re nonetheless an excellent choice for low-carb diets.

Since these veggies are technically the plant’s robust stems, the crisp, agency texture holds up properly when put by varied cooking strategies. They’re additionally wealthy in taste and full of nutritional vitamins.

Stem Greens Carbs Per Serving*
Asparagus 5.2 grams
Broccoli 6 grams
Brussels sprouts 7.9 grams
Cabbage 7.4 grams
Cauliflower 8 grams
Celery 3 grams
Fennel 6.4 grams
*Per cup, uncooked. Carb rely could change when cooked.

Uncooked vs. Cooked

When cooked, the carb rely for a serving of greens like broccoli and cauliflower will really lower. For instance, a half-cup serving of cooked cauliflower has 4 grams of carbs in comparison with 5.5 grams uncooked per cup. One half-cup serving of cooked broccoli has 5.4 grams versus 6 grams uncooked per half-cup.

A vegetable’s carb rely adjustments relying on whether or not you eat it uncooked or cooked.

Seeded Greens

Botanically talking, edible vegetation are thought-about fruits if they’ve seeds. Whether it is seedless, it’s a vegetable. Nevertheless, some vegetation are mislabeled as a result of they lack sweetness. Not like greens, these fruits are typically significantly larger in carbs. Search for choices underneath the 6-gram threshold.

Seeded Greens Carbs Per Serving*
Avocados 12 grams
Cucumbers 3.8 grams
Eggplant 4.8 grams
Inexperienced beans 7 grams
Inexperienced bell peppers 4.3 grams
Okra 7 grams
Summer time squash 4.5 grams
Zucchini 3.9 grams
*Per cup, uncooked. Carb rely could change when cooked.

Uncooked vs. Cooked

When cooked, the carb rely of zucchini and summer time squash is decrease. A half-cup serving of cooked zucchini has 2.4 grams of carbohydrate in comparison with 3.9 grams uncooked. A half-cup of cooked summer time squash has 3.7 grams of carbs in comparison with 4.5 grams uncooked.

Low-Carb Pasta Substitutes

Root Greens

While you consider root greens, you in all probability consider tubers like potatoes—that are notoriously high-carb. The affiliation results in the idea that each one root greens have to be excessive in carbohydrates. Including root greens to your low-carb eating regimen is doable so long as you retain preparation and portion in thoughts.

As you may see from the desk beneath, the carb rely and the fiber content material of root greens differ an awesome deal relying on the way you prepare dinner them.

Preparation of Root Vegetable Carbs (grams) Fiber (grams)


1 cup unskinned, diced, uncooked potato

1 cup boiled mashed potato

1 cup boiled skinned potato

1 giant unskinned baked potato












1 cup uncooked cubed turnip

1 cup boiled cubed turnip

1 cup boiled mashed turnip










1 cup uncooked cubed rutabaga

1 cup boiled mashed rutabaga

1 cup boiled cubed rutabaga







Candy potato

1 cup uncooked cubed candy potato

1 cup boiled mashed candy potato

1 medium boiled candy potato










1 cup uncooked cubed yam

1 cup boiled cubed yam







Celery root (Celeriac)

1 cup uncooked celeriac

1 cup boiled celeriac items








1 cup uncooked chopped carrot

1 cup boiled sliced carrot








1 cup uncooked sliced parsnip

1 cup boiled sliced parsnip








1 cup uncooked cubed beet

1 cup boiled sliced beet








1 cup uncooked sliced radish

1 cup boiled sliced radish







Some root greens, corresponding to scallions (inexperienced onions) and leeks can be utilized in soups. A half-cup of uncooked scallions has 3.7 grams of carbs, however when used as a garnish for a salad or to taste a soup, it’s possible you’ll not even want a full serving.

Equally, uncooked leeks have 6.4 grams of carbs per half-cup. However should you’re solely including just a few to your omelet (to offer it a milder taste than onions, for instance), it’s possible you’ll not want a full half-cup.

Increased-Carb Greens

Greens with a sweeter style and starchier texture are larger in carbs. Listed here are just a few greens to keep away from on a low-carb eating regimen.

Increased Carb Greens Carbs Per Serving*
Artichoke 13.6 grams
Corn 18 grams
Parsnip 13 grams
Candy potato 41.4 grams
Water chestnut 14.8 grams
Winter squash, corresponding to butternut and acorn 15 grams
Yellow plantain (baked) 29 grams
Yellow plantain (boiled) 20 grams
*Per 1/2 cup. Carb rely could change when cooked.

Low-Carb Options to Potatoes

One small baked potato with pores and skin has over 48 grams of carbohydrates. One-half cup of boiled potatoes (with or with out pores and skin) has about 16 grams of carbohydrates.

Potatoes are additionally very excessive in starch and have a excessive glycemic index (the one root vegetable with the next glycemic index is parsnip). Carbohydrates in meals with a excessive glycemic index are quickly became sugar and absorbed into your blood.

You don’t must keep away from root greens completely, although: When baked and roasted, radishes make nice low-carb potato swaps. With half the carbs, mashed turnips work properly as an alternative choice to mashed potatoes, and sliced rutabaga makes an awesome swap for french fries.

For a fair decrease carb rely, attempt cruciferous greens like cauliflower. One cup of cooked cauliflower has solely 5.2 grams of carbs.

As soon as cooked, cauliflower might be flippantly seasoned and mashed. Should you’re lacking different carbs, like pasta, make cauliflower “rice” by pulsing complete, cooked, cauliflower in a meals processor till it is reduce down right into a rice measurement. Bigger chunks can be utilized as a base for low-carb potato salad.

Fruits and Fungi

Although technically a fruit, tomatoes are a frequent addition to salads, stews, and pasta dishes. One cup of uncooked, chopped, or sliced tomatoes has 7 grams of carbohydrates. Cooked down, a half-cup serving accommodates 5.7 grams.

Utilizing the identical fruits-as-veggies logic, olives are one other standard selection. With 7 grams of carbohydrate per cup and loads of inflammation-fighting properties, olives are nice as a topping or popped on their very own as a fast snack.

Lastly, whereas they don’t seem to be technically a vegetable—or perhaps a plant—mushrooms are one other low-carb choice. The nutrition-packed fungus can be utilized to high salads, thrown into an omelet, or eaten in slices. A cup of uncooked white mushroom items has simply 2.3 grams of carbohydrates. When cooked, mushrooms have 4.2 grams in a half-cup serving.

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