Coconut water is extremely refreshing. This stylish beverage is replete with electrolytes and different important vitamins.

It really works wonders in your well being – and no, not simply in summers to quench your thirst on a scorching afternoon. From boosting coronary heart well being to probably treating zits, coconut water has so much to supply.

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What Makes Coconut Water So Good For Your Well being And Pores and skin?

Coconut water consists of vital sugars, nutritional vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytohormones (plant hormones that management their development and improvement). It additionally incorporates inorganic ions that increase your physique’s antioxidant system (1).

Coconut water might also shield towards myocardial infarction or coronary heart assault (1). Common consumption of coconut water can relieve hypertension. The coconut meat (additionally known as copra) can battle irritation and heal wounds, similar to the water (1).

Cytokinins (phytohormones) are vital constituents of coconut water. These present promise in most cancers remedy, although extra analysis is being finished (1).

In all probability the most well-liked use of coconut water is as a sports activities drink. Analysis reveals us the way it compares with commercially bought sports activities drinks (2).


Parameter Coconut water Sports activities drink
Carbohydrates 4710 5800
Calcium 27 1
Phosphorus 5 9
Sodium 2 46
Potassium 204 8
Magnesium 6 3

Even the World Well being Group recommends coconut water for treating dehydration – particularly in circumstances of acute diarrhea (2).

There may be a whole lot of analysis occurring specializing in how coconut water can profit human well being. Stating that coconut water is wholesome may very well be an understatement – in case you are not completely conscious of what it may possibly do for you.

How Does Coconut Water Profit Your Well being And Pores and skin?

1. Could Enhance Train Efficiency


The electrolytes current in coconut water are key. Coconut water incorporates extra electrolytes than standard drinks like Cola or Sprite (3).

Coconut water affords hydrating results just like the same old carbohydrate-electrolyte sports activities drinks (4). Its results on train efficiency have been additionally just like that of sports activities drinks. However since coconut water is a pure supply of potassium and doesn’t include added sugars and sweeteners, it may be used as an alternative choice to sports activities drinks.

Ingestion of coconut water might also be simpler on the abdomen as in comparison with standard carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks (5). The electrolytes in coconut water also can deal with muscle cramps (6).

Nonetheless, verify together with your well being coach as a result of coconut water is relatively low in carbs and sodium, two vital vitamins for sustaining you thru long-duration exercises.

Lengthy-duration exercises trigger extra sweat and lack of sodium (and never potassium). If that’s what you might be up for, you might also complement with a sports activities drink (7). You additionally want additional carbs to maintain your self – one thing coconut water incorporates in a lesser amount.

For delicate hydration and less-intense exercises, coconut water is the most effective wager. However in case you are doing extended bodily train, you have to additionally go for a sports activities drink. However do verify the elements and be cautious of synthetic sweeteners. You possibly can go for one thing with low-calorie sweeteners (8).

2. Promotes Coronary heart Well being

Rat research present us that consumption of coconut water can scale back blood levels of cholesterol (9).

Coconut water fights the rise in complete levels of cholesterol. On the identical time, it maintains the degrees of excellent ldl cholesterol (HDL).

In one other examine, the cholesterol-lowering results of coconut water have been discovered to be just like lovastatin, an OTC drug (10). Although the quantity of coconut water used within the examine is an excessive amount of for regular human consumption, the findings are promising.

Tender coconut water also can scale back hypertension. It achieves this by bettering antioxidant standing and insulin sensitivity (11).

3. Could Improve Digestive Well being

The excessive fiber within the water can provide laxative results. Coconut water can also be a pure diuretic (12).

Coconut water works splendidly nicely for treating diarrhea. It incorporates iron, calcium, magnesium, and manganese and has the identical electrolytic steadiness as your blood (13). Consuming the water inside one hour after an episode of diarrhea may also help.

Some anecdotal proof means that coconut water also can deal with acid reflux disease. Electrolytes like potassium would possibly promote pH steadiness within the physique. We’d like extra analysis right here, although.

4. Would possibly Assist Treatment Hangovers

There may be much less analysis on this too. Your physique loses potassium while you devour extra alcohol (14). Coconut water helps replenish this electrolyte and would possibly remedy the horrible hangovers that normally observe.

5. Can Decrease Blood Glucose Ranges


Coconut water incorporates L-arginine, a compound recognized for its antidiabetic properties. L-arginine diminished blood glucose ranges in diabetic rats (15).

Coconut water additionally combats oxidative stress – a situation fairly prevalent throughout diabetes (16). It might additionally decrease the degrees of hemoglobin A1c, the upper ranges of which improve diabetes danger (17), (18).

You can too make coconut water part of your diabetes meal (19). It incorporates fiber and is relatively low in carbs.

We propose you solely go for unsweetened coconut water. Packaged coconut water might include synthetic sweeteners.

6. Could Assist Dissolve Kidney Stones

In research, coconut water consumption helped expel extra potassium, citrate, and chlorine from the physique (20). This could lower down the danger of kidney stones.

Remedy with coconut water had additionally prevented crystal deposition within the renal tissue, as per a examine. It additionally had diminished the variety of crystals in urine. Moreover, coconut water had prevented oxidative stress within the kidneys and improved renal operate (21).

Along with eliminating kidney stones, coconut water additionally cures bladder infections. This may be attributed to the antibacterial properties of coconut water (22).

Nonetheless, there are some grey areas with respect to coconut water and kidney well being. Therefore, we advise you verify together with your physician earlier than utilizing it for this function.

7. Could Be Helpful For Blood Transfusions

The intravenous use of coconut water is nicely documented. In a examine, coconut water was used as a short-term intravenous hydration fluid for a affected person from the Solomon Islands (23).

Coconut water might mimic blood plasma. Nonetheless, this impact might not final lengthy. That is due to its sodium content material – which isn’t excessive sufficient to remain within the bloodstream for lengthy (24). Additionally, the infusion of coconut water might trigger the potassium ranges to go up.

8. Would possibly Strengthen Bones

Coconut water is an efficient supply of calcium (13). Therefore, it might promote bone well being.

9. Helps Deal with Pimples


Coconut water has antibacterial properties, due to the lauric acid current in it (22). These properties would possibly assist deal with zits.

Lauric acid was additionally discovered to exert the strongest bactericidal exercise towards P. acnes, the micro organism that promotes inflammatory zits (25).

10. Would possibly Assist Deal with Psoriasis

There is no such thing as a direct relationship between coconut water and psoriasis. However coconut water can forestall dehydration, which may make your pores and skin extra weak to points like psoriasis (as dehydration prevents your physique from eliminating toxins by way of your pores and skin) (26).

Coconut water is a wholesome beverage. Most of its advantages are confirmed. Some aren’t. However that doesn’t must cease you from consuming it, particularly when it has a powerful dietary profile.

What Is The Detailed Dietary Composition Of Coconut Water?

Calorie Data
Quantities Per Chosen Serving %DV
Energy 45.6(191 kJ) 2%
From Carbohydrate 35.6(149 kJ)
From Fats 4.0(16.7 kJ)
From Protein 6.0(25.1 kJ)
From Alcohol 0.0(0.0 kJ)
Quantities Per Chosen Serving %DV
Whole Carbohydrate 8.9 g 3%
Dietary Fiber 2.6 g 11%
Starch 0.0 g
Sugars 6.3 g
Protein & Amino Acids
Quantities Per Chosen Serving %DV
Protein 1.7 g 13%
Nutritional vitamins
Quantities Per Chosen Serving %DV
Vitamin A 0.0IU 0%
Vitamin C 5.8 mg 10%
Vitamin D ~ ~
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 0.0 mg 0%
Vitamin Ok 0.0 mcg 0%
Thiamin 0.1 mg 5%
Riboflavin 0.1 mg 8%
Niacin 0.2 mg 1%
Vitamin B6 0.1 mg 4%
Folate 7.2 mcg 2%
Vitamin B12 0.0 mcg 0%
Pantothenic Acid 0.1 mg 1%
Choline 2.6 mg
Betaine ~
Quantities Per Chosen Serving %DV
Calcium 57.6 mg 6%
Iron 0.7 mg 4%
Magnesium 60.0 mg 15%
Phosphorus 48.0 mg 5%
Potassium 600 mg 17%
Sodium 252 mg 11%
Zinc 0.2 mg 2%
Copper 0.1 mg 5%
Manganese 0.3 mg 17%
Selenium 2.4 mcg 3%
Fluoride ~

*Values sourced from USDA database, nuts, coconut water

This reveals coconut water is replete with many of the important vitamins. However does this imply you may have as a lot of it as you need?

In all probability not.

How A lot Coconut Water Can You Take In A Day?

Let’s begin with why. Why do you have to maintain a verify on the quantity of coconut water you devour in a day?

This takes us to the case of a 42-year-old man who developed dangerously excessive potassium ranges, which finally result in irregular coronary heart rhythms and short-term unconsciousness (27).

He had reported ingesting eight 11-ounce bottles of coconut water in a single day. He was rushed to the hospital the place he underwent remedy.

Extra consumption of coconut water may cause extreme hyperkalemia (potassium toxicity) (27). Eight ounces (about 226 grams) of coconut water incorporates about 600 mg of potassium. The RDA for potassium is 2,600 mg to three,400 mg (28).

Water from a single coconut yield quantities to about 206 grams. This implies ingesting the water from an average-sized tender coconut should offer you about 515 mg to 600 mg of potassium (29).

When you’ve got power kidney illness or diabetes, you have to take additional warning (30). Have water from one tender coconut as soon as each two days after consulting your physician.

There may be not sufficient information on the day by day higher restrict for coconut water. However, wanting on the statistics we simply mentioned, stick to at least one tender coconut a day. Lack of potassium is uncommon, and also you may be getting sufficient of it by way of your food plan (31).

Additionally, sipping by way of the coconut fruit will not be the one strategy to devour coconut water. There are different methods too.

How Else Can You Take Coconut Water?

If plain coconut water is boring, we’ve got one thing for you. Dubbed the Coconut Lemon Quench, this recipe is as hydrating and refreshing because it will get.

What You Want

• 2 tablespoons every of contemporary lemon juice and lime juice
• 1 ½ cups of coconut water
• 1 tablespoon of honey
• ½ teaspoon of grated ginger root
• A pinch or two of sea salt


1. Mix all of the elements in a blender.
2. Serve or retailer within the fridge for as much as two weeks.

We additionally recommend you eat the coconut kernel and never simply drink the water. The kernel protein can decrease levels of cholesterol. It additionally decreases the metabolism of fats within the liver and gut (32).

However even earlier than you consider ingesting the water or consuming the kernel, you have to know how one can choose the fitting coconut.

What Is The Greatest Coconut Water To Purchase?

Coconut water in a contemporary, inexperienced coconut is the most effective wager. It incorporates no added sugars or preservatives.

Avoid these with a tough brown shell. This means maturity. The younger inexperienced ones include a bigger provide of the water.

You possibly can shake the fruit to gauge the quantity of water it incorporates.

Observe the following pointers, and you might be good to go. You possibly can get pleasure from a contemporary inexperienced coconut each single day.

Coconut water may additionally have sure undesirable results on some folks.

What Are The Facet Results Of Coconut Water?

  • Considerations With Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited dysfunction that damages the lungs and the digestive system. This situation can decrease salt ranges within the physique, requiring sufferers to take drugs or fluids to spice up blood sodium ranges.

When you’ve got cystic fibrosis, please don’t rely on coconut water alone to your sodium consumption because it incorporates much less of it. One of the best ways to go about it’s to take coconut water with a pinch of salt (33).

  • Could Trigger Hyperkalemia

We’ve mentioned this already. Extra consumption of coconut water may cause hyperkalemia (27). Please restrict your consumption to at least one tender coconut a day.

  • Would possibly Trigger Kidney Points

Sure, coconut water may also help deal with kidney stones. However people with power kidney illness should keep away from coconut water resulting from its excessive potassium ranges (34).

  • Could Decrease Blood Strain Approach Too A lot

Coconut water lowers blood strain. So, there’s a risk it might decrease the degrees an excessive amount of in case you are already on medicines for reducing blood strain. Seek the advice of a health care provider.

  • Could Intervene With Blood Strain Management Throughout Surgical procedure

As a result of above-mentioned cause, coconut water would possibly intrude with blood strain management throughout surgical procedure. That is vital as blood strain has a task to play in surgical procedure. Keep away from consuming coconut water at the least two weeks earlier than a scheduled surgical procedure. Additionally, discuss to your physician about any blood strain medicines that you simply take (35).


Coconut water is undoubtedly one of many healthiest drinks on the planet. It’s a highly effective supply of electrolytes that provide a spread of advantages. However simply take note to not overconsume it. Only one tender coconut a day should do.

Do you already devour coconut water? Have you ever observed any advantages? Do share with us by leaving a remark within the field under.

Steadily Requested Questions

Is coconut water keto?

It will depend on your day by day carb consumption. Whether it is past 20 grams, we don’t advocate you’re taking coconut water. Water from a single coconut yield might offer you about 40 energy, which may very well be so much on a keto food plan.

Is coconut water a probiotic?

Coconut water, by itself, will not be a probiotic. However fermented coconut water, additionally known as coconut water kefir, is one. You possibly can simply ferment coconut water with kefir grains.

Is coconut water secure throughout being pregnant?

Sure. However stick to at least one tender coconut a day. Additionally, take your physician’s recommendation.

How lengthy does coconut water final?

About 1 to 2 days, when opened after refrigeration. We propose you retailer it within the fridge and devour inside 1 to 2 days.

How is coconut water completely different from coconut milk?

Whereas coconut water is the naturally accessible clear liquid inside a contemporary coconut, coconut milk is manufactured. The milk is made grating the coconut meat and squeezing out the juice.


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