Apple cider vinegar is extracted from fermented apples (1). It’s a common ingredient in lots of meals dressings and preservatives. Reasonable consumption of this wholesome tonic has many well being advantages. Nonetheless, extra consumption may cause some antagonistic results, reminiscent of gastrointestinal points, digestive issues, decrease potassium ranges (hypokalemia), and tooth decay.

This text discusses the potential uncomfortable side effects of apple cider vinegar. We additionally will have a look at the safer methods of consumption and the implications of overconsumption. Learn on to know extra.

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Aspect Results Of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Might Trigger Gastrointestinal Points

Extra consumption of apple cider vinegar might trigger gastrointestinal points. It could decelerate the method of absorption of meals within the bloodstream. A examine carried out by Lund College discovered that apple cider vinegar delayed the gastric emptying charge (2). Although this could possibly be helpful in some circumstances, it could possibly trigger digestive misery in some people.

Elevated consumption of apple cider vinegar might also worsen signs of gastroparesis, a typical situation in folks with sort 1 diabetes (3). Nonetheless, extra research on this line are wanted to achieve additional conclusions.


2. Might Trigger Digestive Issues

Apple cider vinegar might assist cut back urge for food. A examine exhibits that apple cider vinegar acts as an urge for food suppressant and promotes emotions of fullness, resulting in a pure discount in meals consumption. Although this could possibly be useful for folks attempting to drop some pounds, the vinegar may also trigger subsequent nausea (4).

Nonetheless, extra research are wanted to additional perceive this aspect impact of apple cider vinegar.

3. Might Trigger Hypokalemia

Anecdotal proof means that extreme use of apple cider vinegar might decrease the potassium ranges within the physique. It could additionally cut back bone mineral density, which, in flip, makes bones brittle. Therefore, people with osteoporosis might have to scale back or keep away from the consumption of apple cider vinegar.

A case of hypokalemia was noticed in a 28-year-old girl who had reportedly taken 250 ml of ACV commonly for six years (5). Extra analysis is required on this regard.

4. Might Trigger Tooth Decay

The excessive acidity of undiluted apple cider vinegar can harm your tooth enamel if consumed in extra. Moreover giving a yellowish tinge to your enamel, the vinegar might also improve your dental sensitivity.

A examine states that apple cider vinegar might have an erosive potential that will trigger tooth decay (6). One other examine states the case of a 15-year-old lady who had skilled tooth erosion following the each day consumption of apple cider vinegar (7).

5. Might Trigger Throat Burns

Elevated consumption of apple cider vinegar might trigger throat burns. Many research have concluded that the oral overuse of apple cider vinegar can finally result in throat irritation. The acetic acid within the vinegar could possibly be the first trigger (8).

A examine carried out by the College of Arkansas discovered that apple cider vinegar tablets might also result in esophageal harm (8). It’s a potent caustic substance, and unintended ingestion of vinegar might result in esophageal lesions in youngsters (9).

6. Might Trigger Pores and skin Burns

The robust acidic nature of apple cider vinegar might trigger pores and skin burns. Making use of apple cider vinegar on to the pores and skin may cause burns and irritation, particularly if the vinegar is undiluted.

In a examine, a 14-year-old lady developed burns on her nostril after making use of a number of drops of apple cider vinegar to take away two moles (10). There are a number of different anecdotal research that counsel that apple cider vinegar causes pores and skin burns.

7. Might Work together with Sure Medication

There isn’t any enough data accessible on this regard. Since it’s acidic, apple cider vinegar might simply react with some medicine together with laxatives and diuretics.

Apple cider vinegar might have a direct impact on insulin ranges and blood sugar. Taking it together with blood strain and diabetes medicines might trigger hurt. Nonetheless, extra research on this line are wanted to achieve additional conclusions. If you’re on any treatment, seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking apple cider vinegar.

8. Might Trigger Low Blood Sugar Ranges

The extreme use of apple cider vinegar might decrease blood-sugar ranges. The vinegar has an anti-glycemic impact (5), (11). Nonetheless, taking it together with diabetes medicines might trigger your blood sugar ranges to drop method too low. This, if not handled, might result in unconsciousness and even coma. Extra analysis is required to additional perceive this phenomenon.

Apple cider vinegar can also be not suggested for pregnant/lactating ladies and people present process chemotherapy therapy. It could trigger problems. Nonetheless, there may be inadequate data on this regard.

These are the potential antagonistic results of apple cider vinegar. Most of those want additional analysis to be totally validated. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply one should completely keep away from ACV. There’s a technique to eat it by minimizing the chance of uncomfortable side effects.

How To Eat Apple Cider Vinegar Safely

The consumption of extra and undiluted apple cider vinegar each day might trigger doable antagonistic results.

To reduce these results, you possibly can attempt:

  • Diluting the apple cider vinegar with water.
  • Decreasing the amount of vinegar consumption.
  • Limiting contact with the enamel by consuming vinegar via a straw.
  • Decreasing the period of time vinegar touches the pores and skin.
  • Rinsing your mouth with water after consumption to stop additional harm to the enamel.

You may as well make sure you eat ACV within the really useful doses to probably keep away from uncomfortable side effects.


The really useful dose of apple cider vinegar varies relying in your particular person wants. Nonetheless, a each day consumption of 15 ml of apple cider vinegar is sufficient to take pleasure in its potential well being advantages (12).

Earlier than you apply apple cider vinegar to your pores and skin, dilute it with water. Additionally, do a patch check.


Apple cider vinegar presents many well being advantages when consumed in reasonable quantities. Nonetheless, extra consumption results in a number of potential antagonistic results. Therefore, restrict your dosage to lower than 15 ml per day. Dilute the vinegar earlier than use, whether or not orally or topically. Since ACV might work together with medicines, seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking it in case you are on any treatment.

Continuously Requested Questions

What ought to we take into accout earlier than shopping for apple cider vinegar?

To keep away from any drastic harm to your pores and skin and well being, take into account going for natural apple cider vinegar that accommodates residing dietary supplements and microorganisms.

Additionally, learn via the label of the bottle before you purchase it. Any model that has the precise constituents is nice. Go for Heinz and Bragg – these two manufacturers are common for the precise causes.

How do you determine natural apple cider vinegar?

The natural and pure apple cider vinegar is unpasteurized and crude. It’s thought-about the most effective resulting from its presence of precise microscopic organisms which might be identified to deal with a spectrum of illnesses.

However in case you are unable to determine the pure variant, go for the unfiltered and unheated model that accommodates strand-type sediments on the backside of the jar. Be sure you shake the bottle earlier than use. Non-organic ACV doesn’t have any sediments and seems unnaturally clear, and chances are you’ll wish to keep away from it.

Can apple cider vinegar be consumed with drinks?

Caffeine might have an effect on the absorption of apple cider vinegar. Therefore, if you wish to combine it along with your beverage, use homegrown decaf tea. Mixing it with caffeine or different carbonated drinks might make the combination too acidic. Taking it with honeyed water is greatest.

What time of the day is greatest for consuming apple cider vinegar?

You may eat apple cider vinegar at any time of the day, apart from the time after you get up. Taking it on an empty abdomen might trigger digestive misery. Consuming apple cider vinegar an hour earlier than your meals can assist within the correct functioning of your digestive system.

How usually ought to apple cider vinegar be consumed each day?

This is dependent upon what your physician suggests. Nonetheless, consuming it twice a day is secure.

Can ACV be taken within the type of capsules?

Sure, you possibly can eat apple cider vinegar in any type you want, however make it some extent to not overdo it.

Who ought to keep away from utilizing apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is thought to have a huge effect on a girl’s physique. Pregnant ladies and lactating moms are usually suggested to keep away from consuming apple cider vinegar. People who find themselves on treatment or going via chemotherapy must also keep away from consuming apple cider vinegar.

Can I brush my enamel with apple cider vinegar?

No. The acetic acid within the vinegar might weaken your enamel. Additionally, be sure you cleanse your mouth effectively after you eat apple cider vinegar (diluted).

Can apple cider vinegar have an effect on the liver and kidneys?

There isn’t any analysis stating that ACV can hurt the liver or kidneys. In reality, it may benefit them (13).


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