The Atkins eating regimen is acquainted to many shoppers as a high-fat, low-carb life-style. Atkins was the primary mainstream ketogenic consuming plan. The present model of Atkins differs from many in style ketogenic diets in that it permits for the next internet carb consumption. For some folks, this would possibly make Atkins simpler to comply with.

Nevertheless, if you happen to begin to comply with the Atkins plan, you’ll have a tough time reaching dietary tips. Most notably, the USDA’s 2020-2025 Dietary Tips for Individuals recommends that adults devour 45% to 65% energy from carbohydrate. On Atkins, you will devour extra fats and protein than carbohydrate, and you might also fall brief in your fiber consumption.

USDA/HHS Suggestions

If you’re contemplating the Atkins eating regimen for weight reduction, weight upkeep, or improved well being, contemplate the way it compares to USDA suggestions and to different related diets earlier than you make a ultimate resolution about which eating regimen is finest for you.

Nutrient Stability

Your nutrient steadiness whereas on the Atkins eating regimen will considerably differ from tips offered by the USDA and the Division of Well being and Human Providers. These authorities organizations present suggestions for consumption of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrate, protein) and different essential vitamins, reminiscent of fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals.

The 2020–2025 Dietary Tips for Individuals recommend that adults devour about 130 grams of carbohydrates every day. On the Atkins eating regimen, you devour fewer than 50 grams of carbohydrate per day. On the normal Atkins eating regimen (Atkins 20), you devour not more than 20 internet carbs per day. Though your complete carb consumption is likely to be increased, will probably be nowhere close to the rule set by the well being consultants at USDA and HHS.

On any of the Atkins plans, you may count on to devour 5% to fifteen% of your complete energy from carbohydrate. You too can count on to devour considerably extra fats on Atkins.

Relying on the Atkins plan that you simply select, you may count on to devour 55% to 70% of your energy from fats. USDA tips advocate that adults devour 20% to 35 p.c of energy from fats and not more than 10% of energy from saturated fats.

Protein consumption on Atkins falls throughout the vary really useful by the Dietary Tips for adults. On Atkins, you may count on to devour 20% to 30% of your energy from protein. The Dietary Tips advocate that adults devour 10% to 35% of their energy from protein.

When you comply with the Atkins plan, chances are you’ll not meet your really useful consumption of sure different vitamins. For instance, the Dietary Tips really useful that you simply devour about 22–34 grams of fiber per day as an grownup over the age of 18. Most individuals attain this purpose by consuming entire grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and starchy greens. You may get fiber from leafy greens and different meals on the Atkins accredited meals lists throughout Section 1 and Section 2, however will probably be tougher to succeed in the really useful purpose.

Lastly, chances are you’ll lack sure nutritional vitamins and minerals on Atkins relying on the meals you select to devour. For instance, adults ought to devour 75–90 mg of vitamin C per day. For many individuals, major sources embrace fruit and fruit juice. On Atkins, you’ll have to watch out to devour greens reminiscent of kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli, or peppers to get sufficient of the vitamin.

Meals Teams

Of the 5 meals teams current within the Dietary Tips, Atkins considerably limits two of them. An total sample of wholesome consuming consists of fruits, greens, protein, dairy, and grains because the constructing blocks for meals and snacks.

On the Atkins plan, your consumption of fruit and grains is proscribed. On Atkins 20, throughout Section 1 you will not devour any fruit or grains. Step by step, nevertheless, you’ll study to devour restricted quantities of those meals, however nonetheless not on the consumption ranges really useful.

For instance, it is best to devour about one and a 1/2 to 2 1/2 cups of fruit per day in keeping with the Dietary Tips. Consuming that a lot fruit, nevertheless, will most likely put you over your internet carb restrict for the day on Atkins 20.

Grain consumption can be considerably restricted on Atkins. In keeping with the Dietary Tips, it is best to devour about 3–6 ounce equivalents of grains every day. One ounce-equivalent of oats or 1/2 cup cooked is about 14 grams of carbohydrate and a couple of grams of fiber.

Lastly, dairy could also be restricted as effectively on Atkins. Though some sorts of dairy are allowed, others should be restricted due to the carbohydrate they supply. And whereas the Dietary Tips recommends consuming lower-fat dairy, Atkins recommends higher-fat dairy.


As a result of sure meals teams are restricted on Atkins and since the really useful macronutrient favors substantial fats consumption, your eating regimen is much less more likely to embrace as a lot selection as what’s really useful by the Dietary Tips.

It is very important notice, nevertheless, that it’s difficult for a lot of Individuals to stick to Dietary Tips suggestions. Many Individuals would profit from a extra different or healthful eating regimen.

In keeping with the CDC, just one in 10 Individuals eats the really useful quantity of vegetables and fruit every day. So, despite the fact that the Atkins eating regimen supplies much less selection than really useful by the USDA and HHS, it might present extra selection than the eating regimen you at the moment devour.


The Atkins eating regimen doesn’t require you to rely energy. Nevertheless, in keeping with Atkins sources, a minimal of 1500 to 1800 energy is really useful for ladies and 1800 to 2000 for males. Changes might be made in 100-calorie increments for individuals who are very bodily energetic.

On Atkins meals lists, portion measurement suggestions are offered that can aid you keep inside these calorie targets. With out monitoring your caloric consumption, nevertheless, you will not know in case you are reaching or exceeding your purpose.

If you’re uncertain of the variety of energy you want every day to drop some pounds or keep a wholesome weight, you should utilize a calorie calculator to estimate your quantity.

Related Diets

The Atkins eating regimen is a ketogenic eating regimen, nevertheless it varies barely from most of the conventional ketogenic diets that you simply would possibly see on web sites or in books. If you’re contemplating Atkins, it is likely to be useful so that you can consider the similarities and variations to resolve which is finest for you.

Atkins can be typically in comparison with different low-carb diets such because the South Seashore Food regimen or the Kimkins eating regimen and diets that restrict processed grains, such because the paleo eating regimen.

Ketogenic Food regimen

Basic Diet

Sometimes, the usual ketogenic eating regimen recommends consuming 25–50 grams of internet carbohydrate per day. Individuals following the usual ketogenic eating regimen purpose to devour 60–70% of their energy from fats, 20–30% from protein, and not more than 5–10% from carbohydrate. For somebody following an 1800 calorie eating regimen, they’d purpose to devour 140 grams of fats, 90 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbohydrate every day.

On the Atkins plan, your carb consumption continues to be low however it’s increased than on a conventional keto consuming plan. On Atkins 20 you begin by consuming 5% to 10% of your complete energy from carbohydrate. On Atkins 40, you start by consuming 10% to fifteen% of your complete energy from carbs.


A standard ketogenic eating regimen isn’t a industrial eating regimen so there is no such thing as a subscription price or required meals to buy. Nevertheless, most of the keto diets advocate consuming meals which are dearer reminiscent of avocado or MCT oil.

If you’re contemplating occurring a ketogenic consuming plan, utilizing Atkins could also be a sensible method to proceed just because the web site and the books present a wealth of easy-to-follow and free data that may make purchasing and cooking simpler.

Weight Loss

Whereas some research have proven vital weight reduction on a ketogenic eating regimen in comparison with low-fat diets, different research have discovered that this consuming type isn’t any higher than low-fat or different low-carb diets for long-term weight reduction outcomes. As well as, calorie targets aren’t offered making it potential to devour extra energy than your physique wants and acquire weight because of this. As well as, the research do not seem to last more than 12 months; longer-term research are wanted to conclude a weight reduction profit.


The ketogenic eating regimen is commonly criticized as being arduous to take care of for the long-term. As a result of the consuming program is considerably completely different from a typical American eating regimen, some shoppers have a tough time sustaining this system when consuming out or socializing.

Some might discover Atkins simpler to comply with and simpler to take care of as a result of the carb consumption is increased and since a lot easy-to-follow data is offered.

Paleo Food regimen

Basic Diet

On a paleo eating regimen, you will devour meals just like these consumed by our prehistoric ancestors. Since grains weren’t obtainable to those pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors, you will not devour any conventional carbohydrate meals, like bread, pasta, or cereal grains.

On a paleo eating regimen, identical to on Atkins, your carb consumption will likely be very low. Nevertheless, on the paleo consuming plan, no particular macronutrient targets are recognized. On each diets, you eat meat (ideally grass-fed), seafood, greens, eggs, nuts/seeds, wholesome oils, and a few fruit.

Whereas this system sounds just like Atkins, the plans differ in that the newer variations of the Atkins plan present serving sizes and recommended consumption quantities. For instance, they recommend that you simply maintain meat and seafood parts to 4–6 ounces. On the paleo eating regimen, there are typically no really useful portion sizes.

Additionally, on the paleo eating regimen, you do not devour any processed meals (reminiscent of microwavable meals or packaged smoothies). Prospects who select one of many Atkins delivered meal plans will devour a lot of their meals on this kind.


The paleo eating regimen isn’t a industrial eating regimen and there’s no subscription or meal plan to buy. Nevertheless, many complain that the paleo eating regimen is pricey due to the sorts of meals which are really useful (reminiscent of grass-fed meats and contemporary produce). Moreover, on a paleo eating regimen, you will not devour any comfort meals.

On Atkins, you might have the choice of consuming dearer meals like grass-fed meat, however it’s not required. Moreover consuming comfort meals reminiscent of bars, shakes, and packaged meals is appropriate, making the plan simpler to stay to for some.

There are books dedicated to paleo consuming and paleo recipes however there is no such thing as a single authority that gives particular meals lists or different ideas. Atkins, nevertheless, supplies these assets without cost.

Weight Loss

A examine printed in 2017 recommended that the Paleo consuming type to be useful for weight reduction, however outcomes had been influenced by caloric restriction and high-intensity exercises. In reality, the examine discovered that paleo consuming can produce weight reduction however merely since you are more likely to lower your calorie consumption once you adhere to the consuming plan.

Atkins has been studied extensively and there are fairly a number of research that display that you’re more likely to drop some pounds on the plan, in keeping with a overview article written in 2017. Nevertheless, in keeping with one other examine printed in 2017, researchers typically conclude that just about any weight reduction plan is more likely to work so long as you may stick with it for an extended sufficient time period.


Each the paleo eating regimen and the Atkins eating regimen have been criticized as being tough to take care of. Chopping carbs is considerably tough as a result of most Individuals are used to consuming meals which are starchy and sugary. The extra sustainable eating regimen for chances are you’ll rely in your entry to contemporary meat, seafood, and produce and your willingness to arrange these paleo-friendly meals frequently. For individuals who haven’t got the time or the finances, Atkins could also be extra sustainable.

South Seashore Food regimen

Just like the Atkins eating regimen, the South Seashore Food regimen was developed by a doctor (Dr. Arthur Agatston) who was attempting to assist his sufferers drop some pounds. It additionally has phases throughout which you stick with completely different calorie or macronutrient tips. Along with the usual plan, South Seashore has added a keto eating regimen variation.

Basic Diet

On South Seashore, part one permits you to devour about 1,000 energy per day. Of that, about 25% to 35% of your energy will come from carbohydrate—greater than is allowed on Atkins. Fats consumption begins at 30% to 40% of complete energy (decrease than Atkins) after which will increase to 40% to 45% of complete energy.

Atkins advises consuming a wide range of fat, together with saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats. South Seashore advises minimizing saturated fats, reminiscent of not consuming butter or the darkish meat of poultry.

On the South Seashore eating regimen, you’ll devour a greater variety of meals and might be able to meet the really useful Dietary Tips extra carefully. Nevertheless, the South Seashore eating regimen additionally supplies the next fats advice than is recommended.


Atkins and South Seashore are related in that they supply a variety of assets for the individuals who select to comply with their consuming plans. There are numerous South Seashore eating regimen books obtainable that define each the consuming plan and train suggestions. The web site additionally particulars a lot of the data.

When you select to buy a meal plan, each manufacturers present a variety of choices based mostly in your preferences. You’ll be able to count on to pay round $100 per week or $10 to $15 per day for meals and snacks on every of the plans.

Weight Loss

The South Seashore eating regimen has not been studied as extensively as Atkins for weight reduction. Nevertheless, one 2014 overview of research evaluating South Seashore discovered no distinction in weight reduction versus standard care. That very same report which additionally evaluated Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Zone diets achieved modest weight reduction, however many topics regained the load, main examine authors to conclude that “regardless of tens of millions of {dollars} spent within the weight reduction trade, obtainable knowledge are conflicting and inadequate to establish one in style eating regimen as being extra useful than the others.”


Each diets are related in design and require you to surrender many meals that you could be be used to consuming. The Atkins eating regimen is extra structured and requires stricter monitoring, whereas the South Seashore eating regimen is extra versatile and would not require carb counting.

If you’re attempting to resolve between the 2 consuming plans, chances are you’ll need to look at the suitable meals lists for every to see which program appears extra interesting. You’re much less more likely to stick with a eating regimen that doesn’t embrace the meals you take pleasure in.

A Phrase From Verywell

Some folks select to go on Atkins as a result of they’re more likely to expertise weight reduction within the early phases of the eating regimen. Profitable weight reduction throughout induction is effectively documented. Nevertheless, it is best to contemplate the phases past induction earlier than you undertake the consuming plan. You aren’t more likely to see everlasting adjustments except you stick with the eating regimen and keep the consuming type long-term.

Moreover, speak to your healthcare supplier earlier than contemplating this or another eating regimen plan. Whereas
Atkins might present well being advantages for some, it will not be the most effective eating regimen for you in case your well being historical past requires that you simply restrict your saturated fats consumption.

If you’re uncertain about which eating regimen to comply with, get a referral to see a registered dietitian (RD or RDN). An RD cannot solely consider your dietary wants however may also make suggestions and aid you develop meal plans that will help you attain your targets.

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