Almonds are among the many healthiest nuts. They provide a novel taste and crunch and function a superb snack. They’re loaded with a number of the most vital vitamins and supply nice advantages.

However overindulging in them may trigger issues. Analysis sheds mild on the doable hostile results almonds could cause. On this put up, we’ll discover all of them.

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What Are The Aspect Results Of Almonds?

1. Might Trigger Constipation

Almonds are wealthy in fiber. An oz of almonds (about 23 kernels) incorporates 3.5 grams of fiber (1). Although that is good, extra consumption of fiber can result in constipation and a bunch of different gastrointestinal points if not mixed with sufficient water consumption(2).

Different gastrointestinal signs brought on by extra consumption of almonds (and their fiber) are bloating, fuel, abdomen cramps, and diarrhea (3).

2. Lower Nutrient Absorption

The surplus fiber can even bind with different minerals (like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron) and intrude with their absorption within the bloodstream (3). Eat almonds as a single snack or in between meals to get full advantages of the nuts.

The beneficial every day fiber consumption is about 30 grams for most individuals (4). Something past that may trigger points.


3. Might Trigger Weight Achieve

An oz of almonds (23 kernels) incorporates about 164 energy (1). Although this isn’t an issue by itself, in the event you eat almonds in extra (greater than 20), on prime of your common weight loss program, you may pile on kilos.

That is very true if you don’t bask in common bodily train.

It’s extremely unlikely almonds by themselves could cause weight acquire. Consuming them in extra in addition to following a poor way of life makes one vulnerable to weight acquire.

4. Can Lead To Allergic reactions

After walnuts and cashews, almonds trigger most tree nut allergy symptoms within the US (5).

Amandin, a protein in almonds, has been recognized as an allergen (5).

Almonds could trigger oral allergy syndrome in sure people. The signs embody itchy mouth, scratchy throat, and swelling of the tongue, mouth, and lips (6).

Almonds can also trigger a a lot extreme allergic response referred to as anaphylaxis (7). This situation is characterised by shortness of breath, hives, nausea or vomiting, confusion, impaired voice, low blood stress, and lightheadedness.

5. Might Lead To Vitamin E Overdose

Almonds are wealthy in vitamin E. However consuming them in extra could result in vitamin E overdose.

Although overdosing on vitamin E by merely consuming almonds is very unlikely (one can not simply eat so many almonds!), it’s important we’re conscious of the repercussions.

If you’re already consuming different meals wealthy in vitamin E (like fortified cereals and entire grains), extra of almonds could cause issues.

Extra consumption of vitamin E can interrupt blood coagulation and result in hemorrhage (8). Nevertheless, these results are extra distinguished in people taking extra of vitamin E dietary supplements.

6. Might Trigger Kidney Stones

Almonds are wealthy in intestinal soluble oxalates, that are compounds that will contribute to renal failure and kidney stones. Stories recommend that oxalates from almonds have a excessive bioavailability (9).

100 grams of roasted almonds incorporates 469 milligrams of oxalate (10).

7. Enhance Toxins In The Physique

Almonds, particularly bitter variations, could cause cyanide poisoning. The HCN stage is 40 instances greater in bitter almonds as in comparison with candy almonds (11).

After enzymatic hydrolysis, hydrocyanic acid (HCN) could result in respiratory points, nervous breakdown, choking, and even loss of life. Therefore, they’re a strict dietary prohibition for pregnant and lactating girls.

Almonds are extremely wholesome, in fact. However as is the case with any meals, moderation is vital.

How Many Almonds Can You Eat In A Day?

One ounce of almonds incorporates 23 kernels (1). There isn’t a scientific knowledge on what number of almonds you may eat in a day to keep away from the unintended effects. However anecdotal proof suggests limiting your consumption to 10 to fifteen almonds a day. It’s at all times higher to soak almonds in a single day to make fiber extra bioavailable.


We wish to reiterate it – almonds are wholesome. They’re an vital addition to a balanced weight loss program, identical to the opposite nuts. Keep in mind to eat them moderately after consulting your physician.

When you’ve got any particular medical situation, please cease use and seek the advice of your healthcare supplier.

Every other unintended effects of almonds you might have confronted? What did you do? Do share your expertise with us by leaving a remark within the field under.

Regularly Requested Questions

What are you able to substitute almonds with?

You’ll be able to exchange almonds in your weight loss program with hazelnuts, cashews, and pistachios (all unsalted). However bear in mind, moderation is vital. Don’t eat greater than a handful of nuts a day.

Are uncooked almonds fit for human consumption?

A: Sure, you may eat uncooked almonds. Remember to scrub them first after which dry them correctly earlier than storing.

Are you able to eat almonds on an empty abdomen?

Sure, you may eat almonds on an empty abdomen. Doing so helps speed up your metabolism.

Are you able to drink the water of soaked almonds?

There may be restricted data on this. Therefore, we advocate you to not drink the water of soaked almonds with out consulting your physician.

How have you learnt if almonds have gone dangerous?

In the event you open the container of almonds and sense a bitter, chemical-like scent, your almonds have gone dangerous. These rancid almonds can style bitter and should be thrown away.

You’ll be able to strive almonds which can be past the best-buy date. Almonds can last as long as a yr if saved correctly.

How lengthy ought to almonds be soaked?

You’ll be able to soak almonds in a single day. With correct storage, soaked almonds can stay contemporary for as much as per week.


Articles on StyleCraze are backed by verified data from peer-reviewed and tutorial analysis papers, reputed organizations, analysis establishments, and medical associations to make sure accuracy and relevance. Try our editorial coverage for additional particulars.

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