Is coconut sugar, additionally referred to as coconut palm sugar, more healthy or decrease in carbohydrates than common desk sugar? There are claims that it’s a low-carb sugar that does not increase blood glucose as a lot as different sugar and that it’s loaded with minerals. Let us take a look at what it’s and whether or not any of the claims have advantage.

What Is Coconut Palm Sugar?

All types of sugar are concentrated types of pure plant sugars. They may come from sugar cane, sugar beets, maple bushes, flower nectar (honey), agave crops, rice, and so on. They’re pretty comparable, with roughly 20 energy and 5 grams of sugar (carbohydrate) per teaspoon. Coconut sugar isn’t any exception.

Coconut palm sugar is produced from the nectar of coconut flower buds. The buds are reduce open and the sap is captured, after which boiled down. The result’s a caramel-colored sugar that is similar to brown sugar. You may additionally see “palm sugar” which is an analogous sugar obtained from different varieties of palm tree than the coconut palm.

How Glycemic Is Coconut Sugar?

Some purveyors of coconut sugar make the well being declare that does not increase blood sugar as a lot as different sugars. There was a report produced by the Philippines Meals and Vitamin Institute which has been extensively cited that mentioned that the glycemic index of “coco sugar ready by the Philippine Coconut Authority” was calculated to be 35, primarily based on the outcomes from 10 take a look at topics.

This index quantity is certainly fairly low.Nevertheless, you will need to be aware that this investigation was very restricted together with a small variety of individuals. As well as, glycemic index can differ from individual to individual and from batch to batch of coconut sugar.

However, an analogous examine reported by the College of Sydney got here up with a glycemic index of 54, which is just somewhat decrease than that of desk sugar. There are a few potentialities to doubt the claimed low quantity.

There was no indication of the vary of responses within the report. Nearly at all times, the report of a glycemic index examine will state not solely the common response to a meals however the vary of responses—how completely different folks responded. This was not accomplished within the Philippines examine. Did a few of the 10 folks have a a lot greater response? We do not know.

Glycemic index assessments are nearly at all times accomplished on wholesome younger adults who’re the least more likely to have issues with blood sugar. Folks with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and “pre-pre diabetes” typically react in another way.

The American Diabetes Affiliation says that individuals with diabetes ought to use coconut palm sugar the identical as they’d common sugar. In addition they be aware that a few of it’s combined with cane sugar and different elements.

Is It Wealthy in Minerals?

“Coconut sugar is loaded with minerals,” web sites promoting it loudly proclaim. The declare can finest be made for potassium. In line with information launched by the Philippine Meals and Vitamin Analysis Institute, the quantity of potassium in half a cup of coconut sugar is critical—over 1000 milligrams.

The every day really useful consumption for an grownup is 4700 milligrams. The quantity of potassium in a teaspoon of coconut sugar (the quantity sometimes consumed) is 43 milligrams. As a foundation for comparability, a half a cup of most cooked greens have between 400 and 500 mg of potassium, and a 4-ounce serving of most meats has about the identical.


“Probably the most sustainable sugar on the planet,” some web sites state. Some sources say that there are environmental issues with sugar cane manufacturing that aren’t current with coconut sugar manufacturing, the place the tree can maintain producing the sap 12 months after 12 months. In line with some web sites, much less water is used, and coconut palms can develop in very poor soil, comparable to sandy seashores.

However, as soon as a coconut flower is tapped for the sap, it won’t develop right into a coconut. Since coconut farmers might get extra money for coconut sugar, a few of the bushes that had been in coconut manufacturing have been being tapped for coconut sugar as a substitute. This will end in rising costs of coconut meat, milk, and oil.

One final argument is that coconut sugar is extra pure. However some would possibly argue that sucrose comprised of cane or beet sugar is simply as pure. There is no such thing as a clear definition of what “pure” means. Like different types of sugar, coconut sugar nonetheless must be processed and packaged.

A Phrase From Verywell

Coconut sugar could be very costly sugar. It may need a decrease glycemic index as in comparison with different sugars, however in an effort to obtain the dietary advantages, comparable to sure minerals, one must eat giant quantities of sugar which isn’t really useful. Added sugar use ought to be restricted whatever the supply. In line with the American Diabetes Affiliation. Use it as you’d use common sugar, following your personal private precautions. It’s possible no higher than every other sugar for folks following low-carb methods of consuming.