Guava is the fruit of a small tree that’s grown in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and the southern United States. Often known as a tropical fruit, guava’s origin is unsure though many listing southern Mexico or Central America as its birthplace.

Guava can now be discovered worldwide in lots of grocery shops, though availability could fluctuate with the seasons. This candy fruit gives a wholesome dose of fiber and different vitamins. For those who’re wanting so as to add extra attention-grabbing fruits to your food plan, guava is a brilliant alternative.

Guava Diet Details

The USDA gives the next diet data for 1 cup (165g) of guava.

  • Energy: 112
  • Fats: 1.6g
  • Sodium: 3.3mg
  • Carbohydrates: 23.6g
  • Fiber: 8.9g
  • Sugars: 14.7g
  • Protein: 4.2g


A full 1-cup serving of guava gives 112 energy and over 23 grams of carbohydrate. Many of the carbs come from naturally occurring sugar (14.7g) however you may additionally profit from virtually 9 grams of fiber. There is no such thing as a starch in guava.

One scientific examine of the glycemic index of guava discovered it was round 33 for topics with kind 2 diabetes and 31 for wholesome topics, with no vital distinction between the 2 teams. The glycemic index signifies how a lot a particular meals raises your blood sugar degree compared to pure glucose, which has a glycemic index rating of 100. With a GI within the 30s, guava is taken into account a low-glycemic meals.


There’s only a small quantity of fats in guava. A cup of the fruit gives simply 1.6 grams of poly- and mono-unsaturated fat.


For a fruit, guava is comparatively excessive in protein, offering over 4 grams per serving.

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals

As with many tropical fruits, guava is a superb supply of vitamin C. It’s also excessive in folate and in beta carotene, which the physique partially converts to vitamin A. Guava is an efficient supply of potassium and gives smaller quantities of different nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Well being Advantages

Growing your fruit consumption with varieties like guava can present a spread of well being advantages.

Aids Cell Safety and Restore

Guavas include phytonutrients, together with carotenoids and polyphenols, and the vitamin C in guava acts as a strong antioxidant within the physique.

Antioxidants may also help shield or delay your physique’s cells from oxidative injury brought on by free radicals. Our our bodies make free radicals however we’re additionally uncovered to toxins in the environment. Specialists imagine this injury could result in irritation and illness.

Advantages of Phytonutrients within the Physique

Promotes Pores and skin Well being

The vitamin C in guava is liable for the manufacturing of collagen, the primary protein in your pores and skin. Vitamin C gives antioxidant advantages to your pores and skin and protects towards age-related pores and skin decline and UV-induced photodamage.

Authors of a analysis evaluate printed in a 2017 subject of Vitamins famous that wholesome pores and skin is positively related to greater fruit and vegetable consumption in various research. Though they observe that the lively element within the fruit and greens liable for the noticed profit cannot be particularly recognized, they observe that vitamin C availability within the fruits and veggies could also be an element.

Helps Weight Management

Weight reduction and weight administration specialists typically advise the inclusion of extra vegatables and fruits in our diets. Fruits like guava present essential nutritional vitamins and minerals for comparatively few energy and in addition present fiber which may also help enhance satiety.

In a single restricted examine on the well being advantages of consuming guava, a gaggle of 14 girls and 31 males confirmed a decreased physique mass index (BMI) after consuming guava with or with out the peel. Nonetheless, little details about the contributors’ food plan was mentioned within the printed report.It is essential to notice that there aren’t any tremendous meals in relation to weight reduction. Shedding weight can’t be reliant on one meals supply.

Promotes Higher Coronary heart Well being

One other good motive to incorporate fruits like guava in your food plan is that there’s vital proof that consuming extra vegatables and fruits gives heart-healthy advantages.

In a single massive meta-analysis printed in a 2017 subject of the Worldwide Journal of Epidemiology, scientists evaluated a large physique of analysis to know extra in regards to the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and improved cardiovascular well being. They decided that there was substantial proof to help an consumption of fruits and veggies of 200 to 800 grams per day for a major discount in your danger for heart problems. That is a few half pound to 2 kilos of produce per day.

Could Support Illness Prevention

The identical examine that evaluated cardiovascular advantages additionally evaluated how consuming extra vegatables and fruits would possibly affect your danger for most cancers and mortality. The edge was decrease for this consequence. They discovered that growing your consumption as much as 600 grams per day (1.3 kilos) of vegatables and fruits could assist to lower your danger for most cancers.

The researchers went on to say that “an estimated 5.6 and seven.8 million untimely deaths worldwide in 2013 could also be attributable to a fruit and vegetable consumption under 500 and 800 grams per day, respectively, if the noticed associations are causal.” Since fruit consumption carries few (if any) unintended effects for most individuals, the findings provide an excellent motive to incorporate extra fruit, like guava, in your food plan.

Allergy symptoms

Whereas there are studies of allergic reactions to different tropical fruits like mango, there are very restricted studies of guava allergy within the printed medical literature. Within the one printed account, it isn’t clear that guava was the reason for a possible response.

For those who suspect an allergy to guava or expertise a response after consuming the fruit, search the recommendation of your healthcare supplier.


The frequent guava has a light-weight inexperienced or yellow pores and skin, with flesh that ranges from white to pink or pink to a deep salmon colour. They are often spherical, pear-shaped, or ovoid and may develop to 2 to 4 inches.

Along with the frequent guava, different varieties are additionally obtainable in some elements of the world. You would possibly discover wild strawberry guava in some markets. Some research have proven that wild strawberry guavas (Psidium cattleianum) possess higher antimicrobial exercise than frequent guavas. And you may also see a fruit referred to as pineapple guava (typically referred to as feijoa), however this fruit shouldn’t be technically guava, although it is associated.

When It’s Greatest

Guava is a winter fruit and is harvested in late November by way of April. It’s best to attempt to purchase guava simply because it ripens. Instantly earlier than it turns into ripe, guava might be arduous, gummy inside, and really astringent. Ripe guava has a candy odor and needs to be smooth.

To decide on the most effective guava, search for a fruit that does not have blemishes and is between a light-weight inexperienced to yellow colour. A slight tinge of pink implies that guava was picked at its peak.

Storage and Meals Security

Guavas have a really brief shelf life. Preserve the fruit at room temperature after you convey it dwelling from the shop. As little as two days after a smooth, ripe guava is bought, it’s more likely to go unhealthy

As soon as you have sliced the fruit, you may preserve it refrigerated, however just for just a few days. You may as well freeze guava. Slice it or dice it and preserve it in air-tight freezer baggage for as much as eight months.

The right way to Put together

After rinsing guava below chilly water, pat it dry with paper towels. Lower it in half and slice it such as you would slice an apple. The peel is edible if you happen to need.

Strawberry guavas, that are normally about 2 to 4 centimeters in diameter, might be eaten straight from the tree if you happen to’re rising them. Some individuals wish to eat simply the flesh with out the skinny pores and skin. They’re typically utilized in jams and jellies.

Some individuals dip guava slices in salty condiments like soy sauce, sea salt, and even vinegar. However the fruit can be scrumptious recent, added to salads, or in salsa. Guava makes an awesome addition to smoothies or chilly drinks and may make a candy topping for oats or porridge.


Wholesome Guava Recipes to Strive

Use guava together with or as an alternative of different tropical fruits in recipes.

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